Editorial Team


  1. Professor Heather Joshi, UCL-Institute of Education, United Kingdom

Section Editors

  1. Professor Peter Elias, University of Warwick
  2. Scott Montgomery, School of Medical Sciences, Örebro University, Sweden
  3. Jeylan T Mortimer, University of Minnesota, USA, United States
  4. Marc Scott, New York University, United States

Associate Editors

  1. Christian Brzinsky-Fay, Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB), Germany
  2. Dr Darren Dahly, University College Cork, Ireland
  3. Dr. Dale Dannefer, Case Western Reserve University, United States
  4. Dr Cyrille Delpierre, Epidemiology and Public Health Analyses Unit UMR1027 INSERM/ Université Toulouse III
  5. Professor Jutta Heckhausen, University of California-Irvine School of Social Ecology, United States
  6. Marleen AH Lentjes, Örebro University School of Medical Sciences and Health, Sweden
  7. Prof Gita Mishra, Australia
  8. Dr Bram Vanhoutte, Sociology, School of Social Sciences University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Journal Manager

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